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Wacker: silicone rubber new extravaganza

Time:2013-11-11 10:15:50  |  Sources:Shenzhen Ali Brother Technology Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin

Social business April 18 hearing , headquartered in Germany, silicone leading provider of total solutions Wacker Chemie Group , at this Chinaplas , will feature several high-tech and medical applications suitable for innovative high-performance silicone rubber.

   Wacker A highlight of the exhibition is the first product is : to meet the highest fire safety standards of the new solid silicone rubber products - ELASTOSIL R770. The series combines the typical characteristics of silicone and outstanding fire resistance after curing to form a self-extinguishing and flame retardant elastomer ; even in the combustion , took ignition , the flame will be extinguished soon , and does not produce toxic fumes ; its smoke density, burning almost does not affect vision. Above characteristics , so that the product is very suitable for the production of railway cars , subway / metro , aircraft , ships and buses are widely used in a variety of flexible molded parts , profiles , panels, films and fiber-reinforced silicone bands . The product has been successfully applied to high-speed trains door lever protector , wall profiles, trains and articulated buses compartment junction fold shed , aircraft, trains and ships fire insulation layer . The products meet the French railway standard NFF16-101, and exceeded the German train fire standard DIN5510, in line with U.S. standards UL94, flame retardant grade to V-0 level .

Another highlight WACKER will showcase products : can be used as part of medical technology long lasting bonding best materials SILPURAN

4200 condensation crosslinked silicone rubber formulations. The product is a single component adhesive , facilitate the processing use, has excellent plastic viscosity , after hardening into a high mechanical strength with a silicone elastomer . According to reports , the product is especially suitable for bonding cured silicone , with medium hardness , a substantial stretch, break-resistant and tear strength characteristics . It applies not only to long- lasting bond instrument parts , but also for prosthetic and orthotic devices in the field of manufacturing high elastic silicone molded parts and bonded fabrics. The product passed in accordance with ISO10993-1 and USP Class VI ( USP Class VI ) selected tests , obtained biological compatibility certification.

In addition, WACKER will showcase its application to efficient co-extruded or molded soft and hard components of the new self-adhesive composite solid silicone rubber (HCR), the most sophisticated , high-performance liquid silicone rubber products LASTOSIL, as well as granular silicon resin rubber GENIOPLAST PELLET S.

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