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Polyimide heater

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Kapton Heater For 3D Printer Dia 160mm 12V 120W

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Due to its low thermal mass and superb electrical insulation, Kapton is ideal for applications that require a lightweight solution with fast and efficient thermal transfer.


Interior FEP binding stands 200°C.
Apply in vacuum environment.
Stand against most of chemical material such as acid, impregnant, alkali (except NaOH).
The size can be very small.
Thin and small curly semidiameter.

Temperature Range: -50°C~200°C, the max temperature is 200°C for the heater with paster.
Material: Kapton/FEP, polyimide membrane
Resistance Precision: ±10%ak±0.5Ω(taking max)
Medium Strength: 1000VRMS
Minimum Curve Semidiameter: (0.8mm)

Superior tensile strength and tear resistance

Resistant to radiation and most solvents

Transparency allows inspection of internal details

Ideal for extreme temperature environments

Multiple layers possible

We carry many other kapton heaters in different sizes and watts. Please ask if you don't see the size you need in our website.

We can made all heaters as you want to order and delivery within 7 days

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