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Silastic silicone high-end products deep processing large gap to the good qianjing

Time:2013-11-11 10:11:39  |  Sources:Shenzhen Ali Brother Technology Co., Ltd.  |  Author: admin

"Twelve Five" period, organic silicon industry to accelerate the transformation of development mode , and vigorously promote structural adjustment , technological innovation and energy conservation, and gradually establish a green , low-carbon modern industrial system , and constantly improve the industry 's core competitiveness. The National Development and Reform Commission announced the " Guiding Catalogue of Industrial Structure Adjustment ( 2011 version ) ", the inclusion encouraged silicone products include: phenyl chlorosilane , vinyl chloride monomer such as silane novel silicone , phenyl silicone oil , amino silicone , polyether -modified silicone oil , etc., and phenyl silicone rubber, silicone rubber , etc. phenylene performance rubber and hybrid materials , methyl phenyl silicone resin, high-performance resins , silane coupling efficiency and other series agent. In addition , carbon tetrachloride, silicon tetrachloride , methyl chlorosilane , three Grade utilization of byproducts such as chlorine silane , has also been included in the national industries encouraged .

It is noteworthy that a single set of size less than 100,000 tons / year Chlorotrimethylsilane monomer production equipment Ge , was included in "Adjusting directory" restricted class. This means that the future of organic silicon monomer production capacity will not be able to enter the small industries. According to national policy guidance , the next longer period of time, the development of organic silicon industry will move towards large-scale, deep processing direction. ST -scale enterprises in the new media that is most worthy of attention ; in the field of deep processing Hongda New Material has a leading position .

Silicone rubber end products greater gap

Oversupply of low-end products , capacity expansion will be limited , dimethyl monomer serious excess capacity . In recent years, domestic apparent consumption of siloxane 15% average annual growth rate , this trend estimates, in 2015 the apparent consumption of domestic siloxane up 1.12 million tons , while the overall production capacity is expected to increase to 140 million tons. In recent years , as the domestic supply capacity of organic silicon monomer growing increasingly competitive market . Since 2005 , the industry of the enterprise sales of organic silicon monomer showing a long-term downward trend in gross margin . New materials such as Bluestar Silicones product gross margin in 2005 up to 42% in recent years has dropped to about 10%.

High quality silicone products are still scarce . Silicone oil usually liquid at room temperature for a linear polysiloxane , is dimethyldichlorosilane after hydrolysis , pyrolysis , and purified, adding capping agent , adjusting agent , obtained after distillation under reduced pressure . Silicone oil used in high , shock oil, insulating oil , defoamers , release agents, polishing agents , release agents and vacuum diffusion pump oil , emulsion coating can be used for automobile tires , light and other dashboard . Emulsified or modified later, silicone oil can be used in textile finishing on smooth soft touch finishing, daily care products, shampoos also joined silicone emulsion to improve lubrication of hair . In addition, ethyl silicone oil, methylphenyl silicone , nitrile-containing silicone oil, polyether- modified silicone oil (water-soluble silicone oil ), etc.

Silicone oil production process is relatively simple, so ordinary domestic silicone products, especially silicone products have a certain scale , the current production capacity of 10 million tons ( calculated by siloxane ) . Domestic silicone loaded Ge are relatively small production capacity of 1500 tons / year or more have Bluestar Spark Xin shares , Zaoyang , Xiamen Han Xu, Shenzhen Tianding , Hongxing Changzhou , Yangzhou dawn and so on. Product quality are mostly mid-range , low-end products , high-grade silicone products are still imported. Domestic difficult to produce high-grade silicone is the main reason , dimethyl monomer quality is hard to meet the requirements. At the same time , difficult to produce domestic improve the quality of some of the special silicone monomers , monomers such as methyl phenyl .

Silicone rubber end products a huge gap . Divided into high-temperature silicone rubber silicone rubber and silicone rubber at room temperature two categories. Temperature silicone rubber is mainly used in the manufacture of silicone rubber products , and temperature silicone rubber is mainly used as adhesives, potting materials or mold used . Temperature silicone rubber is divided into methyl silicone rubber (MQ), methyl vinyl silicone rubber (VMQ, dosage and product grades up ) , methyl vinyl phenyl silicone rubber PVMQ ( low temperature resistant, radiation ) , there are other eye silicone rubber, fluorosilicone rubber. At present, the total capacity more than 500,000 tons of silicone rubber , of which high-temperature silicone rubber production capacity 300,000 tons , temperature silicone rubber production capacity of over 20 tons. Domestic manufacturers of high-temperature silicone rubber products , the majority of the level in the low-end and high-end products a huge gap , there are nearly 50,000 tons per year -10 ten thousand tons temperature silicone rubber products require imports to meet . The reason is that the upstream organic silicon monomer products of poor quality, and there is no special silicone monomer. Silicone resin manufacturers of smaller , more enterprises have kiloton Jiangsu Miki , Zaoyang , Shanghai Resin Factory , in the blue dawn and so on.

Phenyl monomer is still a blank field of domestic

Phenyl monomer silicone materials can significantly improve performance . Organic silicon monomer are chlorotrimethylsilane ( referred meth monomer ), phenyl chlorosilane ( referred phenyl monomer ) , methyl vinyl chlorosilane , ethyl trichlorosilane , propyl trichlorosilane , vinyl trichlorosilane , γ- chloropropyl trichlorosilane and silicon fluoride monomers. Among them, the most important trimethylchlorosilane , which accounts for 90% of the total amount of monomers over , followed by phenyl chlorosilane . Currently Chlorotrimethylsilane production reached a certain scale, product quality to meet the general material requirements . How to develop a new high-performance organic silicon monomer , especially phenyl monomer , silicone industry has become an important issue .

Phenyl chlorosilane is a highly versatile intermediates. Be used to prepare a variety of coupling agents , silicone polymer is prepared by one of the major monomers . In organic silicon monomer , the amount and importance only Chlorotrimethylsilane , ranking the second place.

Phenyl- methyl vinyl silicone rubber referred to phenyl silicone rubber , silicone rubber which is in the molecular chain of the vinyl diphenyl siloxane chain introduced ( or methyl phenyl siloxane ) is made of . Phenyl silicone rubber is mainly made ​​of vinyl dimethyl diphenyl silicone rubber , the use of diphenyl -containing cyclic siloxane and dimethyl siloxane ring and methyl vinyl siloxane base catalyzed ring made under rearrangement . Methylphenyl silicone rubber can be used for high and low temperature fields as aerospace, aviation , electronics, engines, industrial equipment, the main components of cryogenic materials .

Methyl phenyl silicone oil is a diphenyl dichlorosilane and dimethyl dichlorosilane as raw material, trimethylchlorosilane up chain , and a base hydrolysis , tetramethylammonium hydroxide , etc. catalyzed telomerization processes in the system . Methylphenyl silicone oil is characterized by a high oxidation stability and resistance to radiation performance. Metal products can be used as high-temperature heat treatment baths and heating oil for high temperature fan bearings , ball bearings, automobile engines, textile drying machines and other lubricants. In addition, hydraulic instruments, electrical insulation and other aspects are also widely used.

Methyl phenyl silicone resin mainly of methyl trichlorosilane , dimethyl dichlorosilane , phenyl trichlorosilane , diphenyl dichlorosilane of hydrolysis polycondensation. Methyl phenyl silicone resin is mainly used as a motor transformer coil class H impregnation of paint, coatings and electrical industrial temperature class H insulation laminated plates, tubes, rods impregnated material, can also be made molar mass is not high, containing active a reactive group reactive silicone , for polyesters , epoxy, phenolic, alkyd -modified silicone resin .

In recent years, as domestic methylphenyl monomers , intermediates to further improve production technology , product research and made ​​some kind of progress . But with foreign products still lags far behind . Need to continue to increase the methyl phenyl monomer synthesis and separation technology research efforts to improve methylphenyldichlorosilane yield and product purity. Meanwhile, the expansion of downstream products methylphenyl polysiloxane scale of output and new varieties as well as new synthesis process , broaden the application areas . On the production side , the domestic company established in recent years, only a few smaller phenyl silicone monomer production capacity , the total of 5,000 tons. Most business equipment operation is very unstable , unable to continue production , product purity and other indicators are also at a low level . Phenyl monomer in the field , the country has in a relatively empty state. Since phenyl products great application space , the domestic market demand is currently met by foreign products . Based products and methyl phenyl 1:20 ratio between product demand estimates, the domestic market demand phenyl silane should be about 50,000 tons per year .

On the whole , silicone focus areas of companies Hongda New Material , ST new material, Xin shares . Hongda New Material field of deep processing of organic silicon rapid expansion , is expected to 2011-2013 EPS were 0.26 yuan , 0.74 yuan , 1.70 yuan , given the company into the high-speed development period, to give a " buy" rating. ST comprehensive development of new material a number of business , the company expects EPS of 2011-2012 were 0.59 yuan and 0.99 yuan , to give a " buy" rating. Xin shares profitability will have rebounded significantly , 2011-2013 the company expects EPS were 0.05 yuan , 0.11 yuan , 0.28 yuan , to " overweight" rating.

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